Our Services

Stakeholders dialog through collective intelligence

Participatory initiatives to understand user’s needs, align decisions, and create knowledge.

Imagine and express a desirable-possible future

Collaborative analysis of facts and data to model scenarios in a specific domain and time frame.

Create value by applying practical innovation

Development of projects with a user-centered method combining technology, design and business.

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XDC Delphi Dialogue

Coincidences and differences in Patient - professional point of views.


Future nurse

A collaborative view of how pain treatment by nurses will be in the future.



Digital platform for managing needs and network of people with autism



Patient learning platform to understand and control their own health. Module #1: Hypertension

How do we work?

Innovation is not an easy path, but what we can promise is to labour with the utmost rigor.

NOW | Know your pontential

Our cost-effective tools allow organizations to analyse its profile based on the self-diagnosis of aspects such as the ability to innovate or the space for improvement in the relationship with customers. We must be aware of the starting point to ensure the progress of innovation.

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NEXT | Discover your challenges

With a few guided sessions, we help you apply prospective techniques creatively. We combine your current expertise with formal knowledge of trends and scenarios, to imagine and focus on possible-desirable futures and visualize how your organization can position itself.

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LAB | Plan the moon-shot

Knowing where to go, we can guide you through design sessions and the use of design methodologies tailored to your project to define the best-value services for you and your users and get them ready for development.

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Ready for launch

We have all kinds of technologies under our radar, and experience in design and entrepreneurship, to help you build fast and functional prototypes, or final solutions, while you maintain total control.

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Working with us

Whether your organization is trying to address a well-identified need or demand, facing a wicked issue, or just having a crazy idea, we can help you move forward with implementable proposals. One step at a time, towards the future.